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To Interested Persons,

I'm reaching out because we've just approved a new Community Match Fund project in New Haven from Sustainable CT!

My name is Doreen Abubakar, the Founder and Executive Director of Community Place-making Engagement Network (CPEN), and I am leading the group’s initiative to pilot an environmental and entrepreneurial program for local youth through which they’ll learn about storm water management and will design and install downspout raingarden planters in New Haven to mitigate runoff.

You can learn more about the project here.

As with all Community Match Fund projects, New Haven will be eligible to apply for points toward Sustainable CT certification for this work, so long as the city is involved with and supports the project. We've determined that once this work has been completed this project should be submitted for points under action 10.2 "Support Community Match Fund Project and Civic Engagement", highlighting that the work to be done aligns with the objective of action 2.8 “Implement Low Impact Development”.

I hope you will join me to support this project by:

  • reading the first link (and second)

  • sharing this with others

  • contributing to the Go Fund Me account.

  • Reaching out me and discussing how you can help and be involved.